Make Dating more Meaningful and Fulfilling!

A 90-Day Learning Immersion for Dating Couples who want to enjoy a lifetime of love in marriage.

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Are you tired of trial and error in your relationship?
Ready to say goodbye to the stress of figuring things out on your own - the hard way?

Imagine you had a clear learning plan to discover the things that make you and your partner feel truly seen, loved and respected.

Imagine you combined that with the guidance of a Relatable Relationship Expert leading you safely to the shores of marital bliss.

I'm Ewaoluwa Eni-Odunjo

Just a few years ago I was like you, in love and hoping that this relationship would finally be the one that leads to my happily ever after.
But it wasn't until two years after my last heartbreak that I said "yes" to a relationship that has become the marriage I prayed for. A marriage with someone I can genuinely call my best friend. We don't have to hide our vulnerabilities or pretend to be who we're not. We share such a deep connection that we can almost read each others minds and finish each others sentences.
A marriage we love to come home to.

What changed? How did I go from exhausting and drama filled relationships to a drama free marriage with deep soul friendship, intimacy and affection?

I threw away the fairy tale expectations and Hollywood definitions of love and I got Seriously Dating."

Ewaoluwa Eni-Odunjo







What is seriously dating?

The average dating couple today is winging it - hoping the pieces fall into place and their love will last forever...

The truth is, no one is born knowing how to love their partner. It's a skill that must be learned and developed intentionally. While traditional premarital counseling is a great, many times it comes late and only scratches the surface.

That's where Seriously Dating comes in. *drumroll*
In here you'll learn how to cultivate a deep and meaningful connection with your partner that will stand the test of time. Seriously Dating goes beneath the surface, tackling crucial issues that cause relationships to crumble. Issues that are often rooted in deeper traumas, low self-awareness, faulty mindsets, and a lack of vision for the marriage. Don't leave your relationship to chance, learn the skill of loving your partner with our comprehensive program.

This program will help you and your partner...

Experience a greater sense of inner clarity about who you are, what drives you, and what's most important to you in a love relationship.

Explore your past experiences, develop a deeper understanding of each other's needs, and create a shared vision for your future together.

Enjoy a healthy relationship where there's mutual vulnerability, trust, and acceptance.

Wondering what you get inside Seriously Dating Program?

Let’s me show you what's inside...



Get instant access to a 3-part Course built around my Seriously Dating Framework. The lessons in these courses that teach you how to Discover who you are as individuals and your love needs so you can enjoy a truly satisfying relationship.



Enjoy access to a bouquet of question prompts, evaluation tests, date ideas, and other resources intentionally curated to help you find what you need to strengthen your friendship and to thrive in your relationship.



Sit in the same (virtual) space with me during our live coaching calls where I bring my expertise and experience as a relatable relationship expert to help you remove roadblocks on your path to bliss..



Experience fun activities with a community of other committed couples who can encourage and inspire you on your journey. Who knows, they could also become lifelong friends!

couples-celebrating-birthday (2)
The course gives a new level of awareness about factors to pay attention to enjoy a lifetime of love.

Oluwaseyi o.

Port-Harcourt Nigeria

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What you'll achieve in Seriously Dating



Discover the underlying reasons behind why you and your partner act, think, and behave the way you do.
With this knowledge, you'll be better equipped to communicate effectively and understand each other on a deeper level.



Uncover any subconscious marriage blueprints, biases, or mindsets that may be sabotaging your future bliss. These hidden factors can have a major impact on your relationship, and it's important to address them before they cause irreparable damage.



Recover from any problem areas and develop effective strategies to make your relationship thrive. Whether you're struggling with communication, trust, or intimacy, I'll be here to guide you through the process of healing and growth.


There's More...

Whether you've been together for years or just starting out, Seriously Dating gives you the Tools and Techniques to create a fulfilling, long-lasting relationship and take your love to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

We just started dating will this be good for us?

Absolutely! This is the best time to start building a solid foundation for your relationship and future marriage by dating intentionally.

How long is the program?

Seriously Dating Coaching runs for 90 days that's 3 months. But I want you to get the chance to listen over and over, so I let you retain access to the core online courses for 12 months.

How will the payment plan work?

If you choose the 3-month payment plan your card will be charged at the beginning of each month until your payment is complete.

What if I have a question that is not listed here?

Please send a Direct Message to me on Instagram (@ewaeniodunjo) or an email (ewa@ewaoluwa.com) and I'd be happy to answer you directly.

Why my Clients love working with me
Angela Eluwa
Since our session I've had that lighthearted & energized feeling that comes with progress



Joshua Ojuade
Officially celebrating hitting the $50K milestone in my biz!


Ibadan, Nigeria

Clement Johnson
The program was engaging and well planned out. I'll surely be recommending to others.


Ibadan, Nigeria

Eniola Olajire
Amazing experience! It gave the opportunity to have meaningful conversations in a structured manner


Ife, Nigeria

Anjolajesu Aladekomo
Since I joined the program officially celebrating hitting the $100K milestone in my biz!


Delaware, USA

FireShot Capture 078 - Woju
Waking up everyday knowing I'm part of a growth plan gave so much meaning to the process


Ibadan, Nigeria

Ready to start?




3-month Payment plan


One-time payment