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Seriously Dating

A Relationship Coaching Program for Dating Courting and Engaged Couples who Recognize the importance of Knowledge and want a more Personalized Mentorship experience

Too many people falling in love, getting married, then wanting out before you can say Jack.

Don’t let that be you. Join the \seriously Dating Program Today! Let’s get you ready to enjoy the marriage you’ve been waiting for.

You can have the marriage of your dreams if you go beyond dreaming to learning. ‘Cause in marriage, Knowledge is what Sustains Love.


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Sustains Love

I know, I know… you’re head over heels in love and you believe your love is goin to be enough to build the marriage of your dreams. That’s what Cynthia thought too until three years down the line she couldn’t believe she ever had loved this man she now called husband. There are too many people falling in love and getting wedded with zero knowledge about marriage, then wanting out before you can say Jack. Don’t let that be you.

Love is definitely enough to build the marriage of your dreams but only if you’re investing heavily in the right knowledge because in marriage, Knowledge SUSTAINS Love. In this marriage preparatory program for dating and engaged couples Seriously Dating, I’ll answer your questions and show you the ropes so you can enjoy a most fruitful dating/courting relationship with marriage in view. Let’s get you ready to enjoy the marriage you’ve been waiting for!




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Your Instructor

Hey! I’m Ewaoluwa Eni-Odunjo, you can call me Ewa. I’m a wife to an amazing man and mom to the most adorable baby girl. It’s my life passion to see people happily married and it’s definitely possible. However I know a happy marriage begins long before the wedding night. That’s why I am passionate about counseling, coaching and mentoring men and women from singlehood to choosing the right one, dating and finally on to marriage. Yes it’s a continuous learning and I’m happy to roll up my sleeves and get to work with you.

I am a Relationship Coach with over five years experience and a Certified Marriage Counselor with The Institute for Marriage and Family Affairs (TIMFA) USA, so you know you’re in great hands. I’m a lover of God and that’s what anchors my belief, methodology and recommendations in the work I do. I’m not going to force my beliefs down your throat, however I’m not going to try  to exclude my faith, because that’s what has powered the amazing results I see in all sessions with my clients. So go ahead and sign up while the discount is still on (who doesn’t love a good deal?)  I can’t wait to go on this Seriously Dating journey with you! It would be my pleasure to deliver you safely onto the shores of a blissful marriage.


What's in the Program?


Three Months access to Prerecorded Modules of Seriously Dating Online Course


Weekly Live Mentoring + Q&A Sessions (Virtual)


Access to Individual and Relationship love/dating Evaluation Tools


A rich library of other videos, content and activities to strengthen your relationship


Free Copies of my Book (eCopy) and access to other recommended eBooks


Free One-on-one Counseling session for couples who complete the program**


Optional access to join a community where you can meet other couples